Bits Revolution

Bits Revolution

A really surprising puzzle / action game. Long live the old school!

Bits are fed up with the tyranny of the CPU. Help Bit in his rebellion to decide their values ​​at will.

Bits Revolution is an action-puzzler where you control the scene to take advantage of gravity. Yeah, we know that it sounds weird. It’s easy to learn but hard to master.

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Bits Revolution is a DIFFICULT game full of details; just like the old school ones. It starts out easy, okay, but soon things get complicated. You can complete the whole game, guaranteed. But what we cannot guarantee is that you will be able to…

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The games usually last less than one minute each, but they are challenging. So that’s why we’re calling Bits “the casual game for the hardcore gamers”.

You’ll find 100 stages spread over 5 different worlds with 20 stages each, as you dig deeper into the bowels of the evil Computer. And now and then you will face with new interactive elements, power-ups or enemies that will make you think more than twice what to do next (please add here an evil laugh).

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Play in two ways:

  • Normal mode (time trial), with 21 unlockable achievements and 6 public leaderboards.
  • Zen mode without time or achievements. Relax and think about your actions, but without the pressure of time. Now also with scores!

The graphics are detailed and amazing, with a very immersive parallax scrolling. The design of the stages is brilliant and the soundtrack is really impressive. It has 16 pieces from Leonard Ritter, also known as Paniq: the famed musician of the Farbrausch demoscene group.

So… what more to say? Try it now, come on!!

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